A Blockchain Developer’s skills

Blockchain has given technology a whole new dimension that called for a new sector of development termed as the blockchain development, also leading to various new job opportunities for the technology professionals. This article is will guide you through the essential skills required for someone wanting to pursue blockchain development.

The uses of Blockchain are Increasing at a steady pace. The security feature that comes with Blockchain is used by government as well as business organisations but, to implement blockchain with their existing infrastructure, the organisations demand skilled blockchain developers.

One doesn’t have to be blockchain engineer to be a blockchain developer. Managing the software development using the blockchain falls under a separate category. Knowing how to develop apps around the blockchain may classify you as a blockchain developer.

There are two categories of a Blockchain Developer-

  1. Core Blockchain developer
  2. Blockchain software developer

If you have very good software development skills and experience, you can work on that to be a blockchain developer.

Some of the software and coding skills are specific to a blockchain developer and one needs to be aware of them.

Coding- The blockchain essentially requires coding to work. One of the most commonly used coding languages in the blockchain development is C++, a language that almost every software engineer or tech professional is familiar with.

It is advisable for beginners to learn a couple of most widely used programming languages, including Solidity, C++, Python, Ruby and Java.

Functioning- The blockchain is a mix of various elements, especially miners and the consensus mechanism. To be a blockchain developer, you must know how blockchain works in real-life cases and factors of failure that may demise the overall mechanism or system. Most of your research should be in these areas. You can study the different ICOs in the market and their blockchain solutions.


Cryptography- Understanding cryptography is required to develop the code for the blockchain. The two go hand in hand. Studying cryptography will also help you tailor the code to get the safest working system. However, security is not the only factor you must concerned about’ scalability also needs attention as more and more users start using the blockchain, you must ensure that the blockchain can handle the added traffic.

Flexibility and Relevance- The blockchain is new technology field that is growing and evolving faster, which also makes it impulsive. You must stay updated and keep track of your overall progress of the things. Learn about new techniques that are trendy in the industry and bring them to use.